Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gamers' Night at the Movies

Night at the movies got totally different intrepretation when IGDA Finlandinvited IGDA volunteers to experience big screen gaming at Sello Bio Rex movie theater. After the last screening ended in the night, gamers started entering the building. Three screening rooms were reserved for game playing until next morning. Gamers got to choose which NES, PS3 or Xbox 360 games they would prefer playing and did so until it was already sunny and quiet Sunday morning outside the theater.

Movie theatre gaming was an immense experience! Playing Deadspace on a big screen truly was scary but also Ghostbusters and GTA4 did well on a big screen. Besides horror, shooting and adventures, social games such as SingStar was played along with NES classics Mario and Chip 'n' Dale.

Movie theatre gaming was an event to remember and positive feedback is a reason enough to arrange the event again. Besides tournaments and party gaming we might also experiment 3D gaming next time.