Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I have 6 words for you... "I love my Google home page!"

E-mail mailing lists are out -- Blog lists and Google home page are in. My personal well-being has increased 96,7 % thanks to Google home page. No more long and boring Digest lists by e-mail and no more tiring web-straying. Everything I want and need to know is within reach. And it's all about reactivity and social interaction amongst the coolest social hint networks of our time.

Another way of being present and active is of course online communities. China.com (a leading Internet services provider in China and a Hong Kong) has also noticed that and invested in Menllo.com.

'Menllo.com is a leading Web 2.0 online community in China, a platform that empowers individuals to share music, videos, journals, photos, whiteboards and more with their friends, and find people with common interests. It is a popular online destination for emerging musicians, writers, photographers, and a variety of other talents.'

This investment by China.com will enable CDC Mobile, a leading provider of mobile value-added services (MVAS) in China and a business unit of CDC Corporation, to become one of the first movers in integrating Web2.0 content with 3G services in China. By building a mobile Web2.0, CDC Mobile plans to significantly increase its portfolio of highly demanded content to grow the company's sources of revenue, says Biz.Yahoo. Fairly interesting news I would say. They are focusing on similar issues Asian game developers were announcing to be the next big thing in games already in 2003. At that time games failed to leap from online to mobile but maybe social communities will do better?

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