Saturday, April 21, 2007

Espace from the Milkatraz

Just though of mentioning about "Get the Glass!" online game. It takes an eternity to load (which is really no-no for an online service) but looks really nice (Flash 3-D) and is somewhat interesting if considering it as a sort of beneficial game (serious game if you like). Many of the notions I had are already discussed by Hillel at the Jackson Fish blog. Thus I suggest to check out that instead.

Another somewhat interesting new service (currently on Beta) is by Mattel. It is "an online community where girls can create their own Barbie dolls and interact with one another in a manner reminiscent of Second Life". We have seen virtual paper dolls (e.g. StarDoll) and online communities but I dunno... It is good to define a target group but this pink girly stuff is so from the '90s. Not to mention online communities are greatly about communication and collaboration. The chance to meet boys at the Barbie World is not that great, I suppose. Whatever the truth I quess this will pave the way for "girl game 3.0's".


Anonymous said...

whats the password of ther safe at the end?

jerry john said...

It's a popular show and would be a good video game. I think it would be a bit like the Buffy games (fighting supernatural creatures around the town) and I loved playing them. video 2 you