Friday, May 04, 2007

From Koninginnedag to Nordic Game 2007

While many other countries celebrate May Day (Vappu in Finland), Dutch have their own Queen's Day celebrations. These two parties have many similarities (Funny clothers, huge crowds wandering around, heavy drinking, parties) but due to the weather conditions Finns party indoors where as Queen's Day is a huge street party spreading around Amsterdam. We were fortunate to have our own "local guide" to make our stay even nicer -- so many thanks Tanja :)

Next party will take place in Malmö Sweden on 15-16 May. Sweden's gift to the international gaming community Erik Robertson is one of the masterminds behind the great event. My top 3 picks from Nordic Game 2007 event:

1) Housemarque will release their SuperStardust HD

2) After GDC07 CCP Games' mighty dizzying party is definitely a thing to wait for ;)

3) Masaya Matsuura (VibRibbon, Mojib Ribbon, Parappa lallaaa! I love this company!).

Oh yes, and lovely Babsi is there again and hopefully also Super girls from SuperMarit! Hope to see you all in Malmö within a few weeks!

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