Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gaming lifestyle and brand parasites

Parteco (Participatory Economy and Beyond: Developing tools and processes for open and participatory knowledge creation and content production) project ended with a Picnic session on 11 June 2008 at Gardenia (Helsinki).

The picnic idea was brilliant - props to Katri Lietsala! Even though the discussion ended up being a bit lame on our blanket the "picnic discussion" was a great format. When I grew tired of the discussion on our blanket, I could easily join other groups or just hang around and enjoy the company.

Katri Lietsala and Esa Sirkkunen published a book on the topic:
Social Media: Introduction to the tools and processes of participatory economy.

Even though I wasn't part of Parteco project I was happy albeit a bit surprised to be invited to give a short presentation on brand parasites at the picnic. The slide set below is not the one I gave at the picnic. Instead I though of collecting "stories" how associations and other actors have utilized the net and understood digital and/or gaming lifestyle of the youth. In this sense brand parasites is just one alternative to meet the crowd and operate online. At Parteco picnic I used Life Tastes Better Without Drugs (EOPH) associations' Hubu project (at Habbo) as an example of brand parasite. The others examples were Anshe Chung (Second Life) and Zipipop (Facebook). I would like to highlight that those were just three randomly chosen examples with an attempt to present different manifestations of "brand parasites".


Katri Lietsala said...

Warm thanks Sonja that you participated. I think people need to collaborate more and be ready to present their thoughts across the organization borders which unfortunately (even in such a small country as Finland) seem to hinder co-operation sometimes.

It was a nice surprise to notice that we have similar thoughts about the ongoing web trend. That made it even easier to invite you to speak ;) I have also referred to parasitism (page 27 book, page 28 pdf).

Perhaps we should check if there is something to write together? I just have to find some spare time - if there is any left because of Gemilo Ltd.

Anyhow, have a nice summer and thanks again.

SonjaK said...

Good to know :) I already have a few ideas for articles... :)

SonjaK said...

Good to know :) I already have a few ideas for articles... :)