Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Agile in a nutshell

In 2005 I wrote a few lines about "agile-related" work done at the VTT. This is just a short summary of my posts:

1) Agile prototyping method (Mobile-D)
Mobile-D is an agile approach for mobile application development which has been developed in co-operation with three mobile software companies. Mobile-D is based on Extreme Programming (practices), Crystal Methodologies (scalability) and Rational Unified Process (coverage). The idea of "agile" is to speed up the prototyping process and eventually make more prototypes in able to get more indepth data from the potential users.

2) Agia research prototype
Developed by VTT, Agia is a fully-functioning research prototype of an easy-to-use graphical user interface builder (code generator). View groups combined with Agia's delegation mechanism provide the developer with an intuitive and flexible way of constructing structural GUI that reflects the different states of the application.

3) Scrum
Scrum is an agile, lightweight process that can be used to manage and control software and product development using iterative, incremental practices. Wrapping existing engineering practices, including Extreme Programming and RUP, Scrum generates the benefits of agile development with the advantages of a simple implementation.

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