Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Golden oldies (bits and pieces of the posts Pivot misplaced)

At the times Pivot was working alright I put a few posts online. Luckily Tuija Aalto had commented on a few of them. I talked about the development of gaming into more social, mobile and multimodal experience.

"We see that the development of gaming industry has made it possible to open up new markets for novel types of digital games. EyeToy and dance pads are just some examples of current tools for physical gaming. But already now it has been clear that new interfaces and novel type of gameplay has interested wide age groups and one long-awaited group: girls. This means that digital games are no more just following the 80s style of gameplay but integrating also into other types of applications areas: communication, education, information, sharing and exercise into games. Instead of girly "girl games" this can really be a way to "double the digital games market".

>> Exergame-project.

Also I wrote about communities.

"The word social is often used as a synonym for community. I would like to challenge you to think: What are the key building blocks of a community? How online communities differ from mobile communities? How often physically and electronically mediated communities interlink? Is that related to a target group?

One thing is for sure: different devices have different meanings to the consumers. Even if one uses a mobile phone to get to the Internet, one would probably not use exactly same services than on PC / Internet. That is because different devices have different use and people use them according to their significance and convenience to a purpose."

>> A presentation about mobile communities.

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