Wednesday, March 14, 2007


LEGO is putting up their own MMO, cool! It'll be out in 2008 (by NetDevil). It is to be made for children and will enable Lego fans to become active members of an online community. It is seen as a way for the brand to engage with its fans in a way which appeals to their current habits. I liked the idea of linking online worlds with creative activities. I kinda like the idea though I am not yet convinced how well the idea will eventually turn out.

Another somewhat interesting online community for kids is WebKinz which seems to be popular in the US. The sort of funny thing about WebKinz is that... "2005-2007 GANZ — PATENT PENDING"! So they are about to patent the toy > MMO idea? Or something else. Oh well... In any case MMOs seem to be the way to go when creating "new" toys for children. The linkage between real object and virtual is nice though.

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