Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Management consultant goes Blarp

...Blarp! Is someone clearing one's throat? Nope, Blarp is an acronym for 'Business Live Action Role Play' -- a solution developed by Satama for Trainer's House. Trainer's House is a Finnish company offering coaching and marketing aid for companies to put things short.

Trainers' House seem to have understood and adopted the weighty message delivered by Xerox and Forrester. Millenials have already take in operations model from online (game) communities. They want to have fun, do things proactively, fast and/or with the aid of their peers. Blarp seems to be a gamelike solution to fortify people's motivation and ability to digest new information.

Blarp very much links with the ideas related to serious games. Exergame developers talk about 'stealth exercise'. That way Blarp would be conceived as stealth learning.

Let's see what Urban Dictionary says about Blarp:

"The blarp is the act of deficating in a bathtub. Before returning the key to his ex-girlfriend's house, Mike got revenge with a blarp in every bathroom."

"A word some old friends use to use during odd silence. From the movie "Lost in Space" a little creature later in the movie makes the noise. *odd silence* "Blarrrrp!"

"The difference between soy sauce, and the sauce that has yet to be soyed. Does this sauce contain blarp?"

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SonjaK said...

Satama has published a presentation video on BLARP. (in Finnish though)