Monday, October 22, 2007

Call for (Finnish) researchers: Youth & SNS

Just a quick note (mainly) for Finnish readers-- we (Finnish Youth Research Network) have collected quantitative data from Japan, South Korea and Finland. The focus group is youth from 15 to 29 year olds and the topic of the survey social networking (online & mobile), users as content creators, web communities, attitudes and trust, etc. Anything and everything related to media use from the "social media" viewpoint. We hope to utilize the data as efficiently as possible. If you are interested to use the data and write an article -- let me know before 1st of Nov. >> skangas [@] welho [.] com.


aphrael said...

If you are interested in digital media, you could perhaps be interested in lasergrafitti, happening this saturday in helsinki during the digitaika

SonjaK said...

yep, i am -- and yep, i know :) That was a good reminder also!