Thursday, October 04, 2007

FPS / pro- / money fusion gaming

Money gaming is not just gambling or pro-gaming tournaments. So far money gaming has been conventional gambling or "winner takes it all" type of pro-gaming. Now at least Kwari is trying to introduce a bit different approach with their money skill gaming. Kwari is a FPS where every time you hit another player you make money and vice versa. Also e.g. doing damage to yourself, breaking crates or picking up additional weapons have a cost attached. There are different jackpots to go for. Kwari is a skill game where (if I understood correctly) there are no subscription fees but people would pay for ammo and additional weapons.

Another a bit different approach to money gaming is Moola. "Moola is something like a free super-jackpot game show, which allows anyone to become a millionaire on the internet, rather than watching others do so on TV. "

Both Kwari and Moola are now on beta. For me it is not that interesting to see whether or not these games will be successful. I find it more interesting just to look at such "genres" or variations and ponder the future of money-fun game mixtures. What types of "fun games" will have money aspect in them and in what way and how much current money games can contain aspects from fun games (skill, casual...) not to raise a discussion on targeting to youth, game addiction and responsible gaming.

Other "pay for money" games: e.g. SkillGround,, Pogo and Bet on Battles.


TheHighFive said...

Don't forget my favorite gaming site. :)
Although, I know for a fact they are only letting a small group of people test it right now. It isn't available to the general public.

TheHighFive said...

Your "bet on battles" link goes to ... I never heard of "bet on battles" anyway :)

SonjaK said...

Ciao thehighgive! Thanks a lot for your comments. I fixed the "Bet on Battles" link. Also I wasn't aware of Getgosu -- thanks for educating me ;) Play for money is evidently much more than just gambling or pro-gaming.