Friday, October 10, 2008

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I have started writing a blog for in Finnish. Those interested in games related discussion should check it out. The other Tilt blogger is MMO-guru Susi. So far I have been writing about Will Wright, educational games and user generated content.

Spore was released a couple of weeks ago. A week ago I met professor James Paul Gee and Elizabeth Hayes in Helsinki. We had a good talk about educational games and gender issues in games. During this week I have been playing Little Big Planet (oooh, it is so lovely!), partying with IGDA-dudes and doing some preparations because I am moving to Copenhagen after two weeks.

Oh, and I also had a good talk with a friend of mine about exergames. In 2005 I predicted that exergame markets are expected to grow signally within 5 years. My friend questioned if exergames will anyhow remain marginal. Sure we have Nintendo Wii Fit and some dance gaming but where's the beef? How to really generate new business out of that? Since then I have been pondering the case and will write about it next time. Soon -- I promise!

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pjotr said...

Good! I'll stay tuned. I'm sure the guys at the KAJAK want ot hear your analysis/verdict as well.