Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Children & Youth - media use in a nutshell

Hello world. Lately I have been writing "Children's and youth and their media use - in a nutshell" report together with The Finnish Society of Media Education. It has been a challenge to describe the youngsters' media landscape to the assumed readers. For those who do not spend time at the internet -- except reading e-mails or surfing at "Google" -- it is difficult to express that internet is actually many things. It is not just one. It is both data transmission network and a platform for many services. Or that the graphical browser environment is not the totality of the internet. Or that internet is not done. It has relatively short history and the development is in connection with the technical and cultural evolvement. I am really pleased with the result. The report will be put out on Friday -- keep your eyes open if you are interested to check it out. I will post the report to my blog as well.

A couple of days ago I met one soon-to-be internet idol: Marko Forss aka -fobba-. He started "neighbourhood police" activity at the popular IRC-Galleria online community in September. The experiment has been a solid success. Today it is Tuesday and -fobba- is offline but nearly 1500 persons have already visited his profile page this week! It was really interesting to hear how police have been accepted within the online community and what type of best practises has he already found. Besides -fobba- case we have several excellent web pilot cases here in Finland. Check out my presentation at the Slideshare to get an idea of the range of experiments to combine commercial services with communal / public activities.

Besides work: I have been playing Little Big Planet and I have to say I really adore that game and the Sackdude. The game is SO funny, cute, interesting, challenging, diverse... MM really did a great job with the game. Related to games I could also mention that 11 of November will be a special IGDA Finland Presentations session. If you are interested in game design and usability -- keep your eyes open. We will have something special for you :)

As a final note I though of mentioning that I will be working with a MMO / online community project called Guppylife.

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