Monday, April 13, 2009

Adult gamers are boring

Just reading Nielsen report "The state of video gamer - PC game and video game console usage Q4/08". I found this figure interesting. Look at the "Usage min % and Age group. I have assumed that 360 and PS3 compete off the same target group but that is not the case according to Nielsen. Also it is quite surprising that the Wii target group is 6-11 yrs. After all Wii is the family-party-fitness-workplace console. Active user % is also surprisingly high for Wii.

  • Good portion of PlayStation 3 console usage occurs during the television prime time hours
  • Top games played by 25-54 year old (women or men) are BORING! Someone should help them to find better games from the web ;)
  • Most popular PC games are pre-installed Windows card games at the age group of 25-54
  • Chessmaster Challenge is getting closer to WoW nr. of unique users - BEWARE!

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