Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bizznizz -- playful kidpreneurship

When I heard about Bizznizz, an intiative by Dutch Postbank, I was excited! Bizznizz is cool entrepreneur 'game' for kids. After setting up an account (I was able to do it despite my weak Dutch language skills but I quess my Easy Blue account will never be validated because this service seems to be only for Dutch. The registration form only accepted Dutch phonenumbers and postal codes which means that I made fake ones -- which means that I probably will not get user name for the system). Damn!

But this is what I know about the service and the reason to get excited: Kids who set up an Bizznizz account will receive a briefcase containing materials for printing their own t-shirts, stickers, letterhead, flyers, and business cards. First they will decide what type of a business will they start to run. After that they can create company's image/brand by designing a business card and printing supercool company t-shirts. Their business can be something in between walking dogs and moving lawns.

As far as I have understood, this kidpreneur 'game' links virtual with real. Kids have their virtual companies but they will actually be advertising their services to real life neighbours with real flyers! After finishing the job they can update their online account. But will they get real money? I don't know but the basic idea is super nice, I just wish Finnish Post would launch a similar service. I would be keen kidpreneur -- perhaps little overaged but who cares, I can be anything I want -- at least in the virtual world ;)

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