Friday, October 06, 2006

Habbo meets MySpace

Habbo Hotel (.fi) has relased Habbo-Home extension to the concept. Habbo Home is somewhat related to MySpace. Every Habbo character has their own personified 'home page' where they can put highscores, list of friends, funny animations and a lot more. This is rather interesting renewal and better position Habbo in between community services (MySpace, Second Life) and online games (WoW, Ragnarok, Kartrider).

My current favourite is Habbo-Home by Tuu but it is really interesting to see how the real innovators = users will adapt or misuse the Habbo-Home idea. What I especially like about Habbo- Home is that the concept seems to allow user 'innovations' flexibly. You do not just change the color theme or add a wallpaper, you can mix and match rather freely. This is a thing I expected to find from MySpace when publishing my own MySpace page. Possibilities to personify MySpace page are actually surprisingly limited (and I quess you cannot get rid of the ads/banners).

Dude, pimp my Habbo Home! My soppa-page (up/right) is still rather ugly but watch out! I will add some real soppa flavour to it within no time :)

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