Monday, October 09, 2006

Digital Games & New Territories

"The market for video games in the UK is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world, after USA and Japan." This has been the case for the last 20 years. In the beginning of 1980s the ZX Spectrum was released in the UK. It quickly became the most popular home computer in many areas of Western Europe. Arcade and home computer (console) games by Nintendo and Sega sprouted in Japan and many experiments were also under way in the US.

It is not that far-off days when the basement floor of E3 was full of 'innovators' and propeller heads from unusual countries such as Iceland or South Korea (since 1999). In 2003 the scene of digital games broadened when South Korean developers (/GameInfinity) climbed up from the basement and very visibly brought up their expertise (Mu, Lineage, Exarch...) along with their strong will to rule (at least) online game worlds.

Related to this -- Gamasutra pointed out in mobile editorial 'A vision of mobile gaming in 2016': 'Consider that by the end of 2006, 2.5 billion people or 38 percent of the world’s population will own a cell phone. Taken a step further, I believe the forthcoming tidal wave of advances in the wireless device and its network will soon allow it to become a “good enough” gaming console in regions such as India, China, Latin America and Russia.'

About half a year ago I came across a documentary about Brazilian game scene. Even though it focused rather strongly on [CS] tournaments type of gaming, it made me wonder how the future of digital entertainment will look like. Which countries will be the superpowers of game development in 2020? Instead of repeating current state, we should ask: 'What if?' and/or 'Why not?!" Could Brazilian developers bring something to the market that would change the scene? At the moment Brazilian game developers might work as subcontractors but I quess it is just a question of time when the innovations start to flow. And if you think Brazil will not be the next superpower of digital or mobile games, I'll repeat the question 'why not?' ;)

Few interfaces to Brazilian game scene:

  • According to Made in Brazil Games, the MIBG, is the first and only medium to deal with national games exclusively.
  • ABRA Games - Brazilian Association of the Game Developers is a non-profit organisation which object is to fortify Brazilian game (&development) industry.

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