Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blast from the past (+musical madness)

While others are sweating at Finncon06 or at a tennis field I am chilling & feeling sentimental with Taito-the-dog and listening J-Pop.

In my CD player:
Spitz (Mahô no Kotoba/Shalala) single (July 2006). The cover of their newest single is super cute! Actually I bought the single just because of the cover. Well, I quess that is not super exceptional. But I have to say that I really love the flowers, four-lead clovet, hugging ladybird (especially!) and 'Nuuskamuikkunen (guy)'. Really nice piece of art. And the record is not bad either -- melodic pop/rock. I like it a lot (inside/outside).

I admire P. J. Harvey and dig her records. Now I have found 'Japanese P.J.' named Cocco :) Actually it is somewhere in between Fiona Apple and P. J. but anyhow. Pretty impressing, plentiful and surprising even. I am currently listening her newest: Swinging Night album.

My third pick is mainly for Tanja (the sentimental part of this post) -- to remind you that people are versatile, they have their past and even though the past is not that strongly brough forward -- many bits&pieces of the past are building blocks of the present. Diarium Autopsia was a fanzine published in the beginning of the 1990s. I did it together with my dearest Heidi and we wrote about the coolest death/doom/trash/grind/black metal bands of those days. To highlight some: we did an interview with Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle) and several bands that still exists (Amorphis, Napalm Death, My Dying Bride, Ancient Rites, Paradise Lost etc. etc).

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Michaelvader said...

I used to write to Heidi Lipsanen in the early ninties, and I bought copies of each issue of "Diarium Autopsia", it was a great fanzine!

Nice to know you are all still on Planet Earth! :)

Michael Bernier, from the US