Saturday, August 19, 2006

Games @ Finncon 06

I attended to 'SF and fantasy in video games' session at Finncon06. All six (5 + chairman) members ofthe panel were SF/fantasy/fiction geeks plus video games players so there really weren't any dramatic differences between their opinions about good/bad games, qualities of playability/game experience, cut scenes or lessons-to-be-learned from fantasy novels. Luckily Jyrki J. J. Kasvi and Frans Mäyrä were invited to the panel. Even though they talked pretty much the same story as the others, Jyrki with his suberb, diverse and long-term experience of games (as reviewer, father, gamer, researcher and politician) and Frans with his worthwhile comments from the game research scene enriched and deepened the conversation.

I am not really a fan of panels as panels usually tend to be rather lame due to bad chairmanship, too wide topics, domineering panel members etc. This time it was ok (just ok). It didn't offer 'gushing testosterone' as advertised and it did not bring that much novelty to the topic but it was rather entertaining and knowhing. I hope the tradition continues with more diverse set of speakers (maybe a mix of Animecon specialists, gamers, fantasy freaks... ?

Besides the panel: To put it short: very beautiful (jugend) assembly hall, sunny day, awful chairs, great bunch of people, cool guys/girls and large number of cosplayers. :D

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