Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Future of Digital Entertainment

I am puzzled. I just read Business Insight report "The Future of Digital Entertainment" (2005). The report is full of projections about ipTV, digital television, VOD, HDTV, broadband... and one chapter about 'personal content jukebox of mobile phone'. But do they really claim this report somehow highlights the most significant progression of digital entertainment? There is hardly anything about the Internet (Web2.0, communities, MMOGs...), mobile and wireless services nor games. According to Business Insight, the future of digital entertainment looks rather dull.

Of course I am happy to know that 'The Dutch market currently has the highest broadband penetration of the markets under examination and is expected to retain this position through to 2008' and 'The mobile phone is best placed to be THE converged device of the future' (ooh interesting...).

This report must have costed some thousands of euros... Well, there actually are a couple of remarks about games. I would like to share them with you.
  • 'The game playing converged device is likely to dominate the PCJ (Personal Content Jukebox) market – with the Sony PSP well positioned for market dominance. But consumers are likely to relatively ignore the video playback features, and focus on its gaming capabilities.' FULL STOP. Here you have it.
  • Interactive TV games and gambling business models are among the most successful value-adding services launched by digital TV operators and channels. In 2004 the Western European iTV games and gambling markets together generated $1.18bn. However, the market will grow rapidly, generating $3.6 billion in 2007 as an increasing number of platforms launch services and uptake and usage of iTV games and gambling services grow (see Figure).

Next I'll devour the 'Targeting the single female consumer'... Who knows what I'll learn!


Luigi Martini said...

Hi! I've read your post on The 'Future of Digital Entertainment" and I am really interested in reading it. Couldn't find it in emule though! Any clues on where I can find it without paying the "thousands of euros" ?

Any help will be appreciated !

Luigi (martini.luigi@gmail.com)

SonjaK said...

Hi, I quess you can't find it without paying a lot of money...
That's how it goes :( But I can assure you that the report is no rocket science. Anyhow, I can't send some bits and pieces to you.