Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grrl power

Nordic Game 2006 offers sweets for people into 'girlgames' and/or girl gamers. Besides Babsi Lippe who will give a keynote on “When the Niche Becomes a Mass: What Should a Sexy Character Look Like?”, also Heather Kelly and Mary Flanagan (and me) will supposedly address the issue of gender. After years of talking about 'why girls are not into games, what should be done, bla bla bla', it is refreshing to get new perspectives to the topic. I am sure we'll have a blast at the Nordic Game.

And luckily Nordic Game is not the only torchbearer. Also Comm Tech Lab at the Univ. of Michigan is doing interesting job with 'girls as designers' project. You might also get inspired by:
Bishojo game, Joystick Envy or Japanese style 'girl games'.

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