Thursday, August 24, 2006

'Nothing is too weird for us'

Greetings from Cologne! I came here to attend 'Ahead of the game, is after the game, is ahead of the games' event where the discussion will dwell around cross media, entertainment, football and mobile television. The rallying point of those words is EU-project INCCOM.

This project aims at gathering the experience from selected organizations and research projects in the area of cross-media content in order to stimulate the commercial exploitation of innovations as well as to focus research activities. The INCCOM project will be examining the latest technical achievements, highlighting the opportunities within a football framework and discussing user relevance and potential.

I am expecting fresh viewpoints to cross media entertainment (from mobile television viewpoint) because there is an interesting list of presenters: Barbara Gessler (EU), Robert Fahle (RTL Mobile Media), Sandra Frundt (Vodafone), Christian Muche (Yahoo Fifa partnership) and Ulf Morys (Gameloft) to name a few discussing about the topic(s).

And to shed some light on the title of this post... I just love luxury hotels because they really have it all. Let's put it this way: aromatherapy shower cap is not the weirdest 'special' thing in my room...

But that is (at least for some) one reason to choose super expensive hotels instead of ok ones.

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