Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Games / Art

The discussion of new media art (/games as art) will be discussed in books by Joline Balis&Jon Ippolito (At the Edge of Art) and Alexander Galloway (Gaming). Both explore new media art as an expanded field, that interacts and enliven disciples from design to art to video games to science.

According to
'Desktop computer technology and the Internet have opened up new possibilities for artistic creation, distribution, and appreciation. In addition to projects that might conventionally be described as new-media art, there is now a wide spectrum of work—unclassified until this book—by practitioners not normally thought of as "artists." In At the Edge of Art, Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito explore the convergence of creativity, science and technology, considering the kinds of new art forms that have emerged in the digital age. In Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture, Alexander Galloway considers the video game as a distinct cultural form that demands a new and unique interpretive framework. '

After high number of book on game design or game research/ludology, it is refreshing to get a bit different -- alternative -- viewpoints to digital games.

Related to the topic: Game/Play exhibition has ended but you can download a nice catalogue of the exhibition from the web.

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