Wednesday, September 06, 2006


There is life after Ars Electronica still!
Today I visited Heureka to see&play MoFun's circus installation. MoFun alias Marjuska Kaukomies, Sami Laakso, Petri Ruikka & co have developed an exciting physical game installation. Tuned video camera follows movements of a group of users and projects the activity to the screen (in a form of a pair of clowns holding a trampoline). Clowns try to catch every falling item/animal/thing.

The cool thing about MoFun circus game is that a) it calls for co-operation (if you want to master the game, you have to co-operate). B) It is suitable for "all". The youngest players have been 4-5 year olds! Also 3) it is physical (a group of players really have to run around the floor to catch anything that falls... and oh boy, it is soooo much fun! I quess you could name circus game to be one sort of a stealth exercise.

If you have a chance: check it out by yourself!

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