Friday, September 29, 2006


Elämä on Parasta Huumetta ry (Finnish assocation against drugs) is doing really interesting experiments with ICT (information & communication technology).

First they drove their Hubu Bus to Habbo world in 2002 and now they have released mobile game MobiHubu. Even though there are still a number of issues to be dealt with, there are several lessons to be learn from EOPH ry's efforts of approaching youngsters and utilizing ICT in new ways. There are many challenges with e.g. development, delivery and marketing of mobile games -- even leisure games -- but I think EOPH ry is on the right track. MobiHubu is one of the nicest 'edugames' (serious games') I have seen.

Another cool thing is that PS2's social (party) games are really taking off. Jungle Party, Buzz Sporttivisa (Sport Quiz) and EyeToy Sport are about to be released soon. Parents should worry about 'couch potato-kids' no more instead they should think about joining the party and taking part in Jungle Party or Sporttivisa!


Tuija said...

... and there I am, on the bottom with the dragon again...

You are right, the game looks nice enough. Also pretty thorough download instructions on the website.

SonjaK said...

And you can download it for FREE! You just have to pay the data transfer costs (which is not much).