Thursday, September 21, 2006

SuperMarit rules ok!

...I have three words for you... "I.. LOVE... SUPERMARIT!" SuperMarit is a project which aim is to attract more girls and women to become active makers of computer games. "The project is comprised of three focal areas: SpelPlan (’GamePlan’): seminars and workshops for students and women within the games’ branch. SpelLab (’GameLab’): instructions and support to women games contractors and SpelRum (’GameRoom’): games community for 13-18- year old girls." Annika, Lisa & co have really accomplished a lot. This year they had SuperMarit SuperSchool at Nordic Game 06. A room full of people discussed about an idea of providing games education to women at a folk high school. The topic varied from design, technology and education.

Besides NG06 (and NG05) session(s) SuperMarit has done a lot -- and not only in Sweden. They are perfectly networked and doing diverse issues to boost discussion, provide alternatives / opportunities to girls and raise the visibility of girls in the industry. Show you support to SuperMarit!

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